Our company is owned by 3 people, Ron Mason, Brad Mason and Bill Bennett. Our vision for the company is to share our magnificent mountainous territory during the summer and fall with only a few visitors each year, having as light a footprint on this pristine landscape as possible. We are not a big tourism business and we do not want to be a big tourism business. We offer quality experiences to a very few individuals each year and focus on personal service.

Height of the Rockies Provincial Park is located in the southeastern part of British Columbia, and is surrounded by Kootenay National Park, Banff National Park and Kananaskis provincial park in Alberta. Closest town is Radium, BC. Palliser Lodge is 3.5 hours from Calgary and 3 hours from Cranbrook. Most of our large territory is contained within Height of Rockies Provincial Park, where no motorized travel is allowed, nor are helicopters allowed to land. The Royal Range of Rocky Mountains tower above this beautiful landscape. This area is one of the most remote, pristine areas of British Columbia and yet is much easier to get to than many outfitting territories.


Bill Bennett is business manager for Height of the Rockies. Bill lives in Cranbrook, just south of Territory and is a semi retired former local lawyer. Bill has many years of experience in the angling and hunting business from Ontario, Manitoba and the N.W.T. where he guided, managed and owned lodges and camps. When you first contact Height of the Rockies, you will interact with Bill.

Kim and his wife Sylvia live just outside of Golden, BC, working on their hobby farm, and caring for nine horses, two dogs, and a large garden.  In their spare time they recreate and work in different areas of BC with their horses and they ski in the winter. Kim Aube has spent his whole life hiking and riding horses through the mountains of BC. Kim is originally from Kimberley, BC, where he worked as a first aid attendant and fire fighter. He has guided for 16 years in the Height of the Rockies as a horse guide and outfitter. He also works with the Alpine Club Of Canada assisting with the set-up and tear-down of the annual General Mountaineering camp, putting to use his skill as a carpenter, and problem solver. Kim is at home in the wilderness,  and has a passion for wildlife and mountain travel. Kim is a skilled and talented hunting guide.

Sylvia (Syl) Forest is a mountain guide living near Golden, BC. Syl worked as a park warden and mountain rescue specialist in Jasper, Lake Louise and Glacier National Parks for 23 years, and managed the mountain rescue program in Glacier Park for eight years. She completed her UIAGM Mountain Guide certification in 2001. Syl left Parks in the fall of 2013 in order to spend more time guiding, and to spend more time with her family. In the summer Syl guides for the Alpine Club Of Canada on their Mountaineering camps, in the winter Syl works as a heli ski guide for Great Canadian, ski touring for the Alpine Club Of Canada and also teaches avalanche courses regularly for the Canadian Avalanche Association.