Height of the Rockies is a huge mountainous area, mostly within the Height of the Rockies Provincial Park where no motorized travel is allowed and no helicopters are allowed to land. This means that our two West Slope Cutthroat Trout fishing lakes are seldom fished and that we have basins, trails and alpine meadows that do not see humans even on an annual basis.

Queen Mary Lake is accessible by horseback or a 5 hour hike. It has a comfortable cabin, sleeping six, on this majestic, alpine lake.

Rolf Lake is accessible by horseback into Queen Mary Lake, then a 3 hour hike over to Rolf Lake. This is a tough but rewarding trip. Fishing is great!

Our other backcountry cabin, Tipperary, is located up the Palliser River almost to Banff National Park. Access is by horse back to Tipperary Camp. From Tipperary, there are many horse and hiking trails to lakes and alpine areas. The lakes are high alpine lakes without fishing but scenery is spectacular.

Adventure trips can consist of horseback, fishing, hiking for as many days as the clients wish. Trips must be 3 days at a minimum. If clients wish to simply explore by horse or hiking, with or without fishing, there are many options.

Accessing the backcountry in Height of the Rockies Provincial Park allows clients to see pristine country that very few people will ever see. Wildlife is abundant. Fishing in Queen Mary & Rolf Lakes is excellent. Spike camps are also available for those who want to camp out in the high alpine.

Prices depend on how clients wish to customize their trip. All meals, equipment and facilities are provided.

Palliser Lodge is at the end of a gravel road far up the Palliser River. It is a very comfortable 3000 square foot lodge with electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, a modern kitchen, five comfortable bedrooms, wireless and a satellite phone. Palliser Lodge is an ideal place to start a backcountry trip or a wonderful, private place for a family to base for hiking and trail riding in the area.

Height of the Rockies Provincial Park is home to the Royal Range of Rocky Mountains. There is great climbing for experienced climbers, but accessible only by horse or hiking. We have a licensed mountain guide who will guide clients to these peaks.