Firearms Importation:
Canada’s firearms legislation allows you to bring your guns into Canada with relative ease. 

However we have sent you firearms form that must be filled out prior to your arrival. 

Questions may be directed to the Canadian Firearms Center (CFC) 1-800-731-4000.

The form number is GRC 5589e and you can access it with the link below.

If you have trouble getting the form please contact us and we can mail one to you.  

It is very important that you follow the instructions and fill out the forms correctly.  The forms must be filled out in triplicate.  

Do not sign the form until you are in the presence of the customs officer.  There is a $25 Canadian processing fee that will be payable by cash, Visa or MasterCard.  You will then receive a temporary possession certificate that will allow you to have your firearm(s) in Canada for 60 days and to buy ammunition. 

Commercial jet flights into Calgary:  
Multiple airlines fly into Calgary 7 days a week. You can rent a vehicle or we can pick you up for a fee.

Commercial flights into Cranbrook:
Air Canada has 2 or 3 daily flights to and from Vancouver and 2 or 3 daily flights to and from Calgary, but Air Canada www.aircanada.com does have a $50 firearms handling fee

Pacific Coastal Airlines has 2 or 3 daily flights to and from Vancouver. www.pacificcoastal.com

Westjet Airlines has 2 or 3 daily flights to and from Calgary. www.westjet.com

You can rent a vehicle in Cranbrook but its easier for us to pick you up.

Please check with your airline for current baggage rules, fees and regulations.  

We also recommend that you check the airline company’s rules about missed connections and changing flights. It may also be advisable to purchase cancellation insurance on your airline ticket. 

There may be a separate line-up for checking rifles.  The bolt should be out of the rifle and the ammunition packed in your checked luggage and not in your carry on luggage. 

Passport Requirements: 
Passports are required for anyone traveling to and from Canada.  Please ensure that your passport is current.

What to Bring:
Due to flying and packing limitations your gear weight should be kept to a maximum of 60 pounds. 

A couple of small light stuff sacks or duffle bags to split up your gear.
Warm hat and light and heavy gloves.
Good quality, comfortable hiking boots
Camp shoes
Rain jacket with hood and rain pants (natural or earth colours)
Mid weight down jacket and vest 
1 heavy wool shirt plus cotton shirts
Jeans and mid weight wool or insulated pants
Short and long underwear
Several pairs of light and heavy socks 
Personal items; shaving kit, towel, sunscreen, lip salve, bug dope
Good quality warm sleeping bag 
Day pack 
Rifle and ammunition
Flashlight and knife
Water bottle, camera, lighters 

Optional gear may include:
a spotting scope, range finder, sleeping pad, ground sheet, and rifle scabbard and rifle bipod. 
Fall hunts should also include:  heavy wool pants and insulated winter boots. 

Rifle cases, suit cases or duffel bags with frames or wheels and any extra gear must be left in town at the hotel storage room.